Thank you Noureddine El Warari photographer, master printer and soulful human being. Fresh Focus 2017 Leica Gallery LA Sunday May 7th 1-4 pm


The Story Behind the Shot: This picture was taken in a dark alley way in Fez , Morocco. The air was damp and the street was eerily quite, only the sound of steps kind of here and there. I never got to see the faces of these people, as if they were saying we exist but nobody cares!

Image Size: 13″ x 20″ Exhibition print
Shot on TRI X 400 Film Pushed to 3200 and processed +3

More info:

#noureddineelwarari #freshfocus2017 #cityheartskidssayyestothearts #cityheartsfoundation #leicala #powerofphotography

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